Rachel has moved through a variety of musical backgrounds before starting her own solo project ‘Curtzon’ last year. Her experience started with ‘Open Mikes’ then moved through into leading and playing in string groups and playing as a session musician.

Rachels band history culminated in her playing for eight years with folk band ‘6 Day Riot’ giving her musicality an exciting edge and allowing some scope to showcase her talented multi-instrumentalist credentials. Forging a brand new solo path, her debut project is a haunting depiction of abstract thoughts and a rich inner life where she plays all the parts on her songs, layering up each line in the studio to create wonderful harmonies.

This new EP of hers is filled with achingly beautiful piano chords, rippling arpeggio lines, layers of rich string tones all topped off with ethereal vocals.

The raw emotions are palpable yet her overall sound retains a mysterious edge.